Toys that could pose a hazard for kids

These Fisher Price toys have been recalled.

From a popular riding toy that too easilyy flips over to a mask from Target, there's no shortage of dangerous toys.

At least 181,500 children were sent to the hospital in toy-related incidents last year and 17 children died. The year before, 15 children died from toy-related incidents.

Nearly half choked to death.

Many of the 34 toys being recalled this year pose that hazard, like a toy activity truck with detachable wire that can cause kids to choke.

Even adult “toys” can be a danger. A desk toy’s ball bearing magnets has sent 22 kids to the hospital. The magnets poke holes in the stomach and intestines after kids swallow them. The children must undergo surgery to remove the magnets.

A 9-year-old girl fell and suffered a skull fracture when the rubber tip wore out on the bottom of her Disney pogo stick and some racing cars from China have too much lead in the paint.

A dollar store recalled remote control tanks because the toy tanks overheated and could be a fire hazard.

For more information from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, click here.