Tow truck driver killed in Prince George's

The search is on for the person or persons who killed a tow truck driver in Prince George’s county. Anton Agurs was found dead late Tuesday night near Bald Eagle Avenue and Oxon Hill Farm Road.

His wife Alethea had known Anton for around twenty years.

“My best friend is gone. Not just my husband, not just the father of my children. He's truly my best friend,” she said. Anton had a 13-year-old daughter and a 1-year-old son.

“I have to raise my children alone. Their father's not here for them. Someone shot him down for no reason,” Alethea said.

Agurs left his Capitol Heights home for a job and never came back. Police found Agurs’ body at the entrance to Oxon Cove Park, just off the Beltway, in an area that’s not well lit and can be deserted at night.

The 43-year-old ran his own tow-truck business. Friends say it wore on him at times, but he saw it as a service.

“He still goes out and does it because people need him, so...that's the type of guy he was,” said Charles Smalley, a neighbor. Eugene Phillips, another neighbor, described Agurs as a family man who “worked hard, drove his tow truck, didn't bother nobody.” “I don't understand. I just really don't,” Phillips said.

The case is a mystery to police. “We don't know if he was targeted or set up at this point. We have no suspect information to go by,” said Cpl. Henry Tippett, spokesman for the Prince George’s county police department.

Agurs widow pleaded for anyone who knew about her husband’s death to contact police.

“If anyone knows anything and they could call the police I'd appreciate it,” she said. “I'd just like them to be found. Hopefully the family could find some time of peace with that and we'll hold on.”