Tourists bring more traffic to D.C. area

Right now, the D.C. area is in one of its biggest tourist times of the year, and in case you haven't noticed, there's been a lot of traffic all around downtown Washington.

"You have hundreds of thousands of visitors in the Washington metro area now," said John Townsend II with AAA Mid-Atlantic.

AAA says July sees more tourists arrive in Washington than any other month, thanks largely to the July 4th fireworks. But April is the second busiest month.

Townsend says many of the tourists come from states that are reasonably close to the D.C. area, and as a result, many drive.

He says the tourists actually create their own rush hour that occurs after the normal morning rush.

"About 10 o'clock, you have a second rush, and those are the tourists and the day trippers coming into the city," Townsend said.

By next week, most schools in the U.S. will be done with spring break, so some of the tourists will be gone.

But with the cherry blossoms still officially expected to peak later this week -- and the ongoing Cherry Blossom Festival lasting through April 14 -- traffic will likely remain very heavy until later in the month.