Torrential rain turns roads into rivers

Relentless rain in the D.C. region flooded some low-lying areas.

"It's been a whole lot of rain and I've been getting a whole lot of water," said Atley Brown.

Water street in Upper Marlboro lived up to its name: A section of the road has been closed as it resembles a fast moving river.

Grady Davis hopes the water stays confined to the road. During the last major storm, high-rising water damaged a friend's business.

"There's been flooding and everything around here. I don't know what's going on in Upper Marlboro,” he said.

In the District, city crews were handing out sandbags to drivers. Carolyn Elam said she would "rather be safe than sorry.”

A couple thousand bags were available to help residents cope with potential basement flooding. Many came to help older family members.

Ellicott City, Md., took the brunt of today's storm. Within minutes, tributaries flooded homes and businesses and the relentless rain raged down main street.

"All of a sudden it turned serious," business owner Mark Hemmis said.

Torrential rain and the swollen Tiber River created massive flooding. Water damage on the doors of shops shows its extent.

Restaurants like The Phoenix Emporium now try to clean and dry muddy water in the basement.

Mark Croatti tried driving through during the height of the deluge and, like others, had to be rescued out of the rushing water. The water in his car has receded, but his engine dead.

"All of a sudden this wall of water,” Croatti said.

Even tonight, parts of the town are under water and covered with thick mud. "This has really been one of the bigger ones,” Kit McFarlane said.