Maryland tornado: Tornado reported in Woodbine

As Dennis Davison shows the scattered remains of his garage and shed he marvels at the power of nature.

It was about 7 last night and it had been an afternoon of storms. But Davison says the intensity picked up noticeably so he and his son ran out the front door.

“We could see the funnel cloud and all this debris - little did I know it was my garage,” he says.

It was his garage and a big shed and all they contained was shredded and strewn about as though a bomb had gone off.

There are some amazing things to see in the debris field. It is one thing for a sheet of plywood and some siding to go flying through the sky, but a 100lb barbell lifted finto the sky and fell.

The National Weather Service dispatched a scientist to determine if there was a tornado or not. The scientist says he'll have to examine all the data but sources tell us the determination has been made that it was a twister. The only question is how powerful? The Davison's say they have no doubt.

“It certainly looked like one,” Davidson says. “It had the funnel cloud the swirling, lifted stuff high in the sky.”