Tornado shelter business booms after Oklahoma tornado

Far from the storm-cellars that served as hide-outs in the Oklahoma debris fields, about 100 miles southwest of D.C., past the antique shops of Ruckersville in Greene County, Va., may be a lifesaver.

Randy Gum works for one of the only companies in Virginia selling storm shelters designed to withstand an EF-5 tornado. Loren Shetler runs the company.

Seven- inch bolts secure the sheds to a concrete bed. They can be installed in a garage, a backyard or in a new home under construction.

The 4x6 foot base model can hold six people and costs about $6,000 with delivery. The larger 5x8 model sells for more than $7,000.

In Oklahoma, the world saw how nature could one day whip up a storm that could puncture drill-proof steel or blow open a 350-pound door. There were also survival stories that an extra layer of protection can save lives in the face of disaster, which after all, is priceless.

The units can be customized as much as you want. You can get one with a TV, phone and power to run a fan. Just keep in mind you may be sharing this space with up to a dozen people.