Tomorrow marks 1-year since deadly Silver Spring apartment explosion

Tomorrow marks 1 year since deadly Silver Spring apartment explosion (ABC7)

Thursday marks the one year anniversary of one of the worst tragedies in Montgomery County history.

Very late at night on August 10, 2016, a natural gas explosion killed seven people at a Silver Spring apartment complex. The explosion at the Flower Branch Apartments left others injured and without a home.

On Thursday night at 8 p.m., a vigil is expected to be held in a parking lot across the street from where the explosion happened.

The vigil is being organized by the Flower Branch Apartments Tenants Association and the immigrant advocacy organization CASA. Representatives from several nearby churches will also attend.

On Wednesday night, ABC7 News asked residents of the complex what has changed in the year since the tragedy.

One resident told us the apartment complex is now much more attentive to problems such as gas leaks.

But another said there is still a lot of fear, and that many people have moved out of the complex since the explosion.

At the site of the explosion, a fence surrounds where the building that blew up used to be.

The Flower Branch Apartments is a complex of about two dozen buildings located on the northeast side of the intersection of Piney Branch Road and Arliss Street. Many of the residents are immigrants from either Latin America or Africa.

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