Tommy Wells introduces living wage bill for all workers

D.C. Councilman Tommy Wells is taking the current living wage bill one step further by introducing a new bill that would increase the minimum wage to all workers in the district.

Wells on Friday stated that his plan would raise the minimum wage in D.C. over two years beyond the current $8.25 an hour, among other things.

"I support a living wage for all DC workers and I believe we can - and should - do better than the bill the Council voted on last week," Wells said in a statement. "The Large Retailer bill did not create a living wage for DC - rather, it targeted a handful of big businesses instead of requiring a higher living wage for DC residents. It threatened to be a job killer, especially in neighborhoods where economic development and growth has lagged behind."

Last week, the council approved the living wage bill, known as the Large Retailer Accountability Act, which requires big stores to pay minimum wages of $12.50 an hour.

In turn, Walmart announced it wouldn’t go forward with three planned stores in D.C.

D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray has not yet approved or vetoed the bill.

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