Tommy Clack accused of scamming residents

Prosecutors say what Keith Hogie's home security cameras captured in Laurel is a part of text book scam that a suspect, Tommy Clack, has allegedly pulled time and time again.

He'll claim to have leftover materials from another job and offer to pave a driveway for a steal. But when the work is done, the price goes way up.

“He originally quoted a price of $30, which I thought was per square yard, turns out it was square foot which would have made my driveway 24,000 which is ridiculous price for that work,” Hogie says.

Hogie refused to pay that much. Others, however, allegedly got steamrolled for thousands.

Maryland's Home Improvement Commission knows of more than a dozen alleged victims in Maryland alone, and authorities worry there could be many more.

A home security system captured an image of Clack showing an older man the work going on in Hogie's driveway.

Clack has already been banned from doing business in North Carolina and is suspected of operating his scam in South Carolina as well. Authorities there locked him up.

Now he's going to face charges in at least four Maryland counties.

And North Carolina's attorney general says the feds have started looking into clacks alleged criminal enterprise.

“His judgment day will come, this guy needs to be in jail, consumers should not have to deal with this type of person who continues to violate the law, time and time again,” says Roy Cooper, North Carolina’s attorney general.

The Maryland Attorney General won a civil case against clack and his paving business, ordering him to pay half a million dollars in restitution and penalties for unlawful practices.

Clack's attorneys either declined comment or didn't call back. He is set to be sentenced on some charges in Anne Arundel county next week.

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