Tom Malenya accused of using Craigslist to lure teen for sex

Police say 41-year-old Army medic used the website Craigslist to lure a 14-year old-boy to his apartment for sex.

The suspect, Tom Malenya, joined the Army as a medic four years ago, according to his Facebook page.

The boy took the Metro to Silver Spring on Jan. 5th. He tells police he and Malenya had sexual relations in the man's apartment

“At the very least this is statutory rape,” says Ernie Allen of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. “He knew he was having sex with a child.”

The victim's mother noticed an odd message on her son's phone. Posing as him, she texted Malenya.

She said "what R we going to do?"

According to court documents, he said: "Shower, kiss, cuddle, and (expletive)”

“Why do u like me?” she continued. And he responded: “you are sexy."

Turning the Craigslist case over to Metropolitan police, a detective posed as the boy. Texting Malenya, he asked: "what do you like best about me?

He responded: “The Shower we had together," according to documents.

In Silver Spring, residents are appalled.

“Sexual relationships between adults and children are wrong,” says Connie Reinhardt.