Titan's new home: German Shepherd fits right in with new family

Titan fit right in at his new home with the Bacot's in Culpeper County. (Photo: ABC7)

After five years on his own, Titan has a home for good.

It was early February when ABC 7 first brought you the story of the German Shepherd who lived in a wooded area near a Temple Hills auto auction lot. He was just skin and bones when members of the Alfaro family, who worked there, came upon him for the first time.

The story of Titan waiting until the close of business every day for food from Jorge and Enrique Alfaro and family captivated Candra Bacot of Culpeper County.

"I immediately got on the Channel 7 Facebook page," Bacot said. "We always had German Shepherds...he looked adorable."

PHOTOS: See Titan and his new home.

Candra wasn't the only one, either. Over the next few days, messages and calls flooded in from viewers interested in adopting or helping Titan. In the meantime, Metro Transit Police K9 officer Craig Sparry had been caring for him after animal control nearly came to get him.

"They came when they said they had to get him out of the lot and they were doing to put him to sleep," Sparry said in February. "I came and got him, took him home and trained him."

After going through all of the responses, Sparry selected Bacot and her family, who live on 13 acres in Culpeper County, to be Titan's new owner.

"I can't imagine not having him around," she said. "He has just been a complete perfect fit for us."

Bacot says that Titan never leaves her side, a far cry from his behavior when the Alfaro's first encountered him. At that time, Titan would run away anytime anyone approached him. His behavior now is like night and day.

"He's extremely affectionate...he licks me all over the face," Bacot says. "To see where he has come from to the instant bond he made with us is just extraordinary."

Sparry says, though, that Titan loves his family so much that he never wants to be left alone like before. That's why he'll continue to work with the Bacot's and Titan during this transition.

"He went from one extreme to the other, and now that he's got it very good, he doesn't like being by himself at all," Sperry said. "It's a process, but we're going to get there."

Regardless, it's clear that Titan is happy in his new home, and Bacot says he became a family member the day he walked in the front door.

"He has found a family...he's here to stay," she said.