Tips on saving gas, from UPS drivers

With gas continuing its steep climb to currently $3.91 cents, motorists looking to save may want to take a cue from delivery drivers.

UPS drivers clock 79,000 miles a day in the District alone, and they have a few secrets to saving at the pump.

Part of the science behind saving money on gas involves the left-turn lane – or rather, avoiding it. UPS drivers evade it as much as possible because you have to stop and wait.

"When you are making a left hand turn that's idling,” said UPS engineer Jennifer Braud.

Of course, it’s not so easy to plan a trip without any left turns. Special technology helps UPS drivers map routes with as many right-hand turns as possible.

One trick you can follow without taking apart the GPS: Check your tire pressure. If the wheels are losing air, the car is lower to the ground. That makes it less aerodynamic, which drives up gas use.

For the same reason, washing your car can also save fuel. "It actually makes your car more aerodynamic,” Braud said.

Once the light turns green, go easy on the gas. The men and women in brown are taught not to gun it. "If you have that jackrabbit start that is really wasting a lot of gas,” Braud explains.