Tina Shaw pleads for brother Timothy's body, information on death

Tina Shaw used to talk to her younger brother Timothy every day. He worked as a mover and delivery man, and she describes him as kind and helpful. On Sept. 22, police found his body floating in the Anacostia River harbor by the navy yard.

Her brother’s death raised a lot of questions for the woman.

“I can't believe it. Why? How? Where? What happened?” asked Shaw.

Timothy Shaw left behind a 7-year-old son.

“His son keeps calling me and asking what happened to his dad, and I can't give him any answers. He doesn't believe his dad is dead,” Shaw said.

She wants her brother's body for a burial, and she wants information about what caused his death. But she says the D.C. medical examiner won't give her either.

“You already lost a loved one, but to have to go through those extra trials and tribulations to find some closure, it's really hard,” Shaw said.

A spokesperson at the medical examiner’s office told ABC7 News the body has yet to be scientifically identified as required by law. It's been particularly difficult in this case, because the body was badly decomposed from the water.

After that, the medical examiner must legally determine next of kin. The office says they provided Shaw with all of this information.

Meanwhile, Shaw pleaded for anyone who knows what happened to her brother to call police.

“Maybe one day I will see him in heaven,” she says.