Timothy Zois accused of assaulting man for littering

(WJLA) - An Anne Arundel County man is accused of assaulting a man who littered.

Officers responded to Stan & Joe's Saloon on Mitchells Chance Road around 10:30 p.m. Friday and found the victim lying on the ground bleeding and possibly unconscious.

Witnesses told police the victim threw a cup out of his vehicle. The suspect, Timothy Zois, told the victim to pick up his trash. Police say the two men began to argue and assault each other. Zois allegedly struck the victim in the face, causing him to fall to the ground and strike his head. Zois then left the scene.

The victim was flown to Shock Trauma.

Zois was arrested at his home and charged with second-degree assault.

On Saturday, Zois posted the following statement on ABC7's Facebook page, disputing the Anne Arundel County Police report and saying he was "sucker punched.":

"So everyone knows without assuming that this bad guy (me) ko'd someone for littering. I was with my family leaving the Fuji steakhouse and a drunken jerk parks in the middle of the parking lot , stands out of the car and throws a solo cup in the grass by my feet. I said to him, comon man, this is still GODs world and you need to be littering. I picked up the cup and went to walk it over to this 6 ft 2 240 lb man, he proceeded to ask me what the f---k am I going to do about it. He was too big for me to be fighting so I just through the cup by his feet and said he needs to put it in the trash. He sucker punched me and it went bad from there . I am a good person and wouldn't hurt anyone- only help anyone I can - so those of you who are judging me without knowing me- please don't.

"The news put it out there the way they wanted to just to get some stupid attention and it obviously worked"