Timothy Ballard sentenced to 18 months

ROCKVILLE, Md. (WJLA) - A Gaithersburg vocal coach was sentenced on Monday morning for child sex abuse.

The next act for operatic voice coach Timothy Ballard is 18 months behind bars. The father of the boy he abused says it’s where he belongs:

"He did this to my son and what is happening to him is what he deserves."

The man, who we are not naming in order to help protect the identity of his son, hopes that Monday’s sentencing ends a painful time for his family.

“We trusted him, we trusted him with our son, we trusted him with our own lives, and we definitely felt betrayed by him," he said.

Back in November, 48-year-old Ballard was found guilty of abusing his student for two years – starting when the boy was 12 years old.

The abuse reportedly happened in Ballard’s Gaithersburg home in a bathroom and this basement music studio. The jury didn’t buy the 280-pound Ballard’s bizarre defense that he was too heavy to have done what was alleged.

His lawyer even showed the jury a photo as proof, purporting to show that his client couldn’t even fit through the bathroom door. On Monday, several of Ballard’s former clients applauded the sentence.

"I've lost all trust in almost everyone," said Miranda Levin.

Levin was a student of Ballard’s from the age of nine. She says he was her best friend for several years:

"I trusted him 100-percent. I'm very sad about this whole entire thing."

Miranda’s mother says she too trusted Ballard, but wishes she hadn’t.

I was shocked but I wasn't -- there were, when you look back, there were hints...things that made me uncomfortable," said Maria Levin.

Ballard was additionally sentenced to five years probation and must register as a sex offender. Investigators fear there are more victims.