Tim Hyman: Taking pictures since 1949

Tim Hyman works for the Maryland State Highway Administration taking pictures of road projects.

He’s been taking pictures for the state since he was first hired to chronicle the construction of the Bay Bridge.

"I remember it as if it was 61 years ago,” she jokes.

Hyman says that back in 1949, he had to lie about his age to get the job. He said he started pictures of the bridge when he was 12. But age wasn’t the only barrier he faced.

He also faced questions about his race.

"So many people were questioning me how I got assigned to this job as a photographer because I was black,” he said.

Hyman got the job because he knew one of the foremen.

While Hyman has taken thousands of pictures of the bay bridge, those are just a small percentage of the photos he’s taken during the past 62 years.

In his office, Hyman is surrounded by pictures and the cameras he’s used over the years, including the camera he used in 1949.

"It's like me - old and it don't move as fast as it used to,” he said.

Hyman says one of the most memorable pictures he took was in November 1963 at the dedication of Interstate 95. President John F. Kennedy attended the event. It was his last official event before being slain in Dallas.

At the age of 74, Hyman says the JFK pictures are his most memorable. But his favorite is of his mother. Who is not on a highway.