Tim Day, D.C. Council candidate, says he's being bullied

Tim Day, D.C. Council candidate, says he's being bullied

A D.C. Council candidate says he's being harassed and his property is being vandalized.

Nearly two years ago, Republican Tim Day helped Federal investigators zero in on then Ward Five Councilmember Harry Thomas. Thomas has since then pleaded guilty to stealing more than $350,000 in public money.

“Once I declared my candidacy it started that day,” Day said.

In January, Day says he was confronted and threatened by an angry group outside his home.

“It's offensive, it's bullying,” Day said.

Since then, Day says his house has been egged a dozen times, his car has been keyed twice, vandals also scratched off campaign stickers and dumped trash on his front yard.

“Whoever is doing this wants to be a nuisance. They want to bully me and hope that I shut up and I'm not going to,” Day said.

D.C. leaders have denounced the activities.

“If the allegations are correct, we should seek prosecution, because this cannot be tolerated. It puts a stain on our political process and on the District of Columbia,” said Democratic Ward Five candidate Ron Magnus.

But another Democrat, Kathy Henderson, says all of the campaigns have had their signs vandalized.

As the election approaches, Henderson says she does not want to hear “ongoing whining.”

“This campaign should be about the issues, not about victimhood or alleged pranks, I would think that's a minor distraction. We should focus on what the issues are and how we differ as candidates,” Henderson said.

Tim Day points out these vandals targeted more than just campaign signs. In fact, he's now taking extra security precautions at home and urging police to increase patrols here.

No matter what happens in the election, he's not going away quietly.

“It is about accountability, enforcement and compliance and I will continue to do that. I will not be bullied out of my home. I will not be bullied out of D.C.,” Day said.

The Ward Five special election is set for May 15th.