Tiffany Bond diagnosed with sinus infection before death from meningitis

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - The family of Tiffany Bond is trying to figure out how a young, healthy woman could be gone so quickly.

"My granddaughter is gone...only 25 years old, she has a baby -- why her, why can't it be me," said her Bond's grandmother, Diana Roach.

Roach says that just two weeks ago, Bond was diagnosed with a sinus infection. Then, on and off, she complained of a minor headache, but kept going to work each day.

Bond was the supervisor of the cafeteria at John Carroll Nalle Elementary School, and also worked in their aftercare program. She was there until just last Thursday, and then woke up early Friday morning, disoriented.

She was rushed to the hospital and died two days later of pneumococcal meningitis.

"It took my baby happened too fast," said Roach.

Despite assurances from the Department of Health, parents at the school where Bond worked are worried that their children might be at risk. But Bond’s grandmother says their family members have all been tested – including Tiffany’s two-year-old daughter.

"She's okay and we're okay, so where did this come from?" wondered Roach. "There's something going around."

And she doesn’t want anybody else to lose someone they love to this rare but often deadly disease:

"I want everybody to know -- you better check yourself out, this is a warning to everybody.”