Tidal Basin Rival: Thousands visit Chevy Chase to see cherry blossoms

It was another perfect day to check out the cherry blossoms on Sunday.

But those pink and white petals aren't just on the Tidal Basin. A Kenwood neighborhood in Chevy Chase boasts hundreds of cherry trees, which are attracting thousands of people and causing headaches for some residents.

"It's incredibly beautiful," says Phil Ajaj of Lanham. "The houses are really nice, the neighborhood is really nice."

"It just looks really cool, with all the people and all the trees look really pretty," says Rachel Shogren of Annandale.

"It's a gorgeous walk, whenever the wind blows, the petals fall off. It looks like it's snowing," says Denise Ajaj of Lanham.

All those blossoms lure thousands of people and their cars, even a traffic cop.

Residents say some visitors go too far in enjoying the beauty.

"One group went to the back yard by the pool and sat, and enjoyed the day in the backyard. That was a little intrusive," Martha Blair, of Kenwood says.

But 13-year old Faris Woodings, sees a silver lining. His pink lemonade sells for 75 cents per glass.

"We got $90 yesterday," he says. " There's a lot of cherry blossoms. People walking around, and they probably get thirsty and want some lemonade."