Tiara Jackson's parents seek closure

A Clinton, Md. family has an emotional plea for help in finding the person responsible for the deadly hit-and-run that robbed an 18-month-old boy of his mother. Tiara Jackson died in early June after she was struck on the outer loop of the Beltway.

Princeton Jackson knows very well the person in the picture is his mother, but his grandparents, Levi and Kimberly Martin, say he’s too young to know what happened to her.

“That day was probably the worst day of my life.”

Jackson lost control of her Chrysler Sebring while driving on the Beltway near the Ritchie Marlboro Road exit on June 8 around 2 a.m. Police say after the crash, Jackson walked onto the interstate and was hit and killed by at least two vehicles. No one stopped to help and no one has taken responsibility.

“In terms of what happened, we just don’t know,” says Kimberly Martin. “We have no answers. We just have questions.”

Now Princeton’s grandparents are immersed in two callings: find the drivers and raise their grandson.

“Not being able to tell you that I truly, truly loved her,” say Kimberly. “This little guy has now become our world and we’re going to make sure that his memory of his mother lives on forever.”

“Her son looks just like her… it’s a reminder. We just don’t have words right now,” says Levi Martin.

But there is one word that echoes through their home, “Mommy,” reminding them of their loss and their inspiration.