Three Metro employees disciplined after running red signals

Two Metro operators ran through red lights on the rail system within the past week. Metro has had four red light incidents within the past month.

The latest incidents occurred last week. On Friday morning, train operator ran a red light while attempting to pull into the West Falls Church rail yard. Tuesday night near the Shady Grove station, an employee did the same while operating a diesel-powered truck used to move heavy equipment on the tracks.

Two Metro operators are already being disciplined after officials say they ran a red signal on different nights at the Brentwood rail yard in Northeast D.C.

"Maybe they are working too many hours,” wondered Nancy Ricardo, who rides the Metro. Drivers may “not (be) paying attention and they are just in a hurry," she said.

No passengers were on board any of the trains involved in the incidents and Metro says no one was injured, but the risks remain. Two track workers were killed when a high-rail truck hit them near the Rockville Metro station last year.

“It’s a definite concern,” said Metro rider Maureen McClure.

Metro released a statement tonight saying, "because these incidents involved signal violations, the operator of the empty train at West Falls Church and the operator and his supervisor of the track equipment at the Shady Grove yard were removed from service and are subject to medical testing and disciplinary action.”