Three found dead from gunshot wounds in Maryland

(WJLA) - Authorities say they found three people dead from apparent gunshot wounds inside a house in the Halfway area of Hagerstown.

Carly Hose with the Washington County Sheriff's Office says a 911 call came in around 4:21 p.m. Thursday. Officers were called to 17511 Dawn Drive in a neighborhood not far from I-70.

Hose says they had to break the home's door to get inside. They then found the bodies of three adults. The sheriff's office did not immediately release the names of the victims or say what exactly officers believe happened. Hose did say there was no reason for residents to be on high alert for their safety.

Neighbors say a man lived in the home with his wife and an adult stepson.

"He definitely had a temper," said neighbor Ron DeVore about the older man who lived in the home. "He talked to them something terrible, [would] holler and scream at them like they were dumb and stupid and couldn't do nothing right."

"A lot of foul language, and when I heard it, it was mostly geared towards the boy," added DeVore's daughter Patti Rabette.

Officers wrapped up their investigation at the home around 9:30 Thursday night. Hose said more information would be released soon.