Three children injured, two men flee after 'possible' police chase from Md. to D.C.

In what was possibly a police chase from Maryland into D.C., three children, ages 10 and under, were injured in a vehicle crash in Northeast Saturday afternoon. And according to one of the children, his father and uncle bailed out of the car the children were in and fled the scene.

Witnesses say a Seat Pleasant police cruiser was on the scene with lights flashing and another arrived soon, but Seat Pleasant police would not tell ABC7 whether or not any of their officers had been chasing the vehicle. Both cruisers left the scene.

At about 1:38 p.m. D.C. police responded to the crash scene at the intersection of 49th and Brooks Streets, NE. An older model grey Honda Accord had been t-boned by a new model SUV, police say.

In the back of the Honda were three young boys all aged 10 or younger. One child was transported with severe head trauma to a hospital. A second child suffered a broken leg and the third did not appear to have significant injuries. The driver of the SUV stayed on the scene.

The child with the broken leg told responding officers that the men in the front of the vehicle were the father and uncle of the three boys.

Prince George’s County Police tell ABC7 that they were aware of a pursuit but it was being handled by Seat Pleasant.

An MPD officer tells ABC7 that the Seat Pleasant officer said they were not pursuing anyone in the city and just happened upon the scene. The officer also says this is the fifth chase into the city from Maryland in the last 48 hours.

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