Threatening notes left in two Manassas neighborhoods

Authorities in Manassas are looking for a man who leaves threatening letters on doorsteps during the night.

Carolyn Redfern found one of the notes last month - after someone threw a beer bottle at her front door.

"The threatening note has the name of somebody, their address, and 'I will kill you'," Redfern said.

Redfern's note is one of 10 received in two Manassas neighborhoods since Dec. 4.

"Yeah, I'm worried! I was really scared out of my mind when that happened," she said of the mysterious, handwritten note.

Police say the suspect approaches homes around Byrd Park and nearby Sumner Lake between 7:30 p.m. and 11:30 p.m.. He rings the doorbell, bangs on the door or throws something at the door, leaving a note behind.

What's even more bizarre is each note is addressed to a person with no connection to the frightened homeowners.

Manassas police Sgt. Lowell Nevill explained, "There's a consistent name on each note. And it's a specific person who actually exists, and it's a county address. We've been out to the county, spoken to this individual. He has no idea what this is about."

Police say a few witnesses have described the suspect as a Middle Eastern, Hispanic or South Asian man, about 5-foot-10, wearing a dark jacket and jeans. The notes suggest he doesn't speak English well.

"There's sort of garbled language with the word "kill" on there--like, "kill you" or something like that. But kind of incoherent, kind of sloppy," Nevill added.

Police are increasing their surveillance of the quiet area.

"I'm hoping it's a scam...just some kids playing around or something like that," said Ashley Holloway who brings her son to the area to see the ducks.

But investigators think it's a lot more serious.

Nevill said, "Somebody's who's willing to do this is obviously violent, unstable, mentally unstable, who knows? So, I mean, it's dangerous."