Thousands in Frederick, Hagerstown still without power after Tuesday's storm

HAGERSTOWN, Md. (WJLA) – Tuesday’s storm hit Frederick and Washington counties hard; it took just minutes to inflict a large amount of damage and knock out power to thousands.

Downed trees mar the landscape and wounded roofs scar neighborhoods in Frederick and Hagerstown, where some residents are still feeling the pain. While the cleanup continues, so does the quest to restore power. Many residents may remain without electricity well into the weekend.

Days after Tuesday’s storm, the hum of generators echoes through Hagerstown.

“It’s been hot, it’s been humid, it’s been a struggle keeping gas in the generators,” said Hagerstown resident Todd Spickler.

Teresa Burkhart, another Hagerstown resident, said, “Terrible, I mean we ain’t had no air conditioning, no hot water, no electric.”

In the Paramount Manor community, residents spent Thursday in the dark and heat. They believe they know why they are among the several thousand customers still without power in Maryland.

“Because we’re such a small sector of homes, no more than six or eight homes, that we’re pretty low on the list as far as the restoration priority,” Spickler said.

The local Martin’s grocery store is handing out ice, something residents—many of whom have already emptied their refrigerators—are thankful for.

“To keep the food cold and salvage what we can of it,” said Hagerstown resident William Manno. “Been doing a lot of grilling lately with weird stuff we can cook on the grill.”

While the days without electricity drag on, those without power just hope repair crews show up soon.

“Ain’t nothing we can do about it,” Burkhart said. “Guess something else is more important, I don’t know.”

ABC 7’s Stephen Tschida spoke with a representative from First Electric, who said he believes power should be restored to the roughly 5,000 customers still in the dark by late Saturday. The representative explained that the reason it is taking so long to restore power in the region is because small pockets sustained serious damage that is time consuming and labor intensive to repair.