Thousands gather at Delta convention to protest Zimmerman verdict

Though there were tens of thousands at this Delta Sigma Theta convention descending the elevators to hear the attorney general, they had one collective opinion on the Zimmerman verdict.

"I do believe in the justice system, but I believe that it failed us this time and I'm just very concerned and very scared for our children," said Michele Fuller of Baltimore, MD.

Many of the convention's attendees were mothers of black males, and they are now fearful for the lives of their sons after hearing the verdict.

"I'm just trying to picture Trayvon's family is going through because that could have been my son," said Bosede Olaogun of Hillside, NJ.

In his speech, Attorney General Eric Holder implied the possibility that the federal government might move to prosecute George Zimmerman on at least some grounds.

"The Justice Department shares your concern, I share your concern, and as we first acknowledged last spring, we have opened an investigation into the matter," he said.

Holder offered no statement stronger than that, but specirfically praised Trayvon Martin’s parents for the dignity they have shown. He urged others to follow their example.