Thomas Gore sentencing could be delayed, said to be cooperating

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The man who pleaded guilty to funneling cash from D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray's campaign funds to another candidate could find out when he'll be sentenced Thursday.

Thomas Gore, who served as Gray's campaign treasurer, pleaded guilty last May to making secret payments to Sulaimon Brown, a former mayoral candidate, then destroying any records of the payment.

Prosecutors say Brown was paid by the Gray campaign to mount verbal attacks against Gray's opponent, Adrian Fenty, during their 2010 mayoral race.

However, the prosecution will likely ask to delay any sentencing hearings based on the fact that Gore is cooperating with them.

Gore was one of several former Gray campaign aides to plead guilty in connection to a "shadow campaign." Two month's after Gore's plea, Jeanne Harris also pleaded guilty to funneling more than $650,000 in campaign funds to a co-conspirator.

"The 2010 mayoral election was corrupted by a massive infusion of cash that was illegally concealed from the voters of the District," U.S. Attorney Ronald Machen said after Harris' plea.