Thieves go after pricey eyeglasses in robbery string

Police say robbers are stealing eyeglass frames in Northern Virginia, looking for the most expensive frames they can find. Police are hoping images from surveillance video will help capture the thieves.

Optometrist Dr. Philip Steiner has been in the business for 30 years of business and was shocked at the blatant shoplifting.

"Brazen, I mean very brazen and very professional,” said Steiner. “I mean they knew what they were doing … They came in when we were really busy and we weren't exactly watching them for stealing.”

Fairfax County police are examining surveillance pictures that they say show suspects swiping high-priced glasses frames. The thieves allegedly hit at least four different stores in Falls Church, Great Falls, and Alexandria.

At least two suspects, a man and a woman, enter each store. One distracted the store employee while the other swaps out designer eyewear with an inexpensive pair.

In several cases, the suspects stole six pairs, each one worth over $100.

"People don't realize that just one penny can make a difference, so I can only imagine how much hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise just one piece of merchandise can affect a business,” a resident said.

Police say they are investing whether the thefts are connected to a string of similar incidents in Montgomery County.