The dangers of driving and phoning

Jacy Good appears to be like any other 24-year-old until you see her brace and hear her story.

She broke two feet, a tibia, a fibula, a wrist and a collarbone. She also had a traumatic brain injury.

It’s all the result of a car crash right after her college graduation that killed both her parents and sent Good to the hospital for three months. The 18-year-old who caused the crash was on his cell phone and walked away with bumps and bruises.

“This was 100 percent preventable and should not have happened,” Good said. “My parents should not be dead. I should not live in the body that I live in.”

Good is on a nationwide tour to share her story with teens to encourage them to put down the phone when they’re behind the wheel. Students at Bethesda’s Walt Whitman High School, joined by Thurgood Marshall Academy students in the District, took a pledge to not text and drive.

Laurie Kelly of Takoma Park lost her only child, her son Dan, in an accident involving texting and driving. He was on his way to the first day of a new job right after finishing college when he plowed into a pick-up truck while using a cell phone.

“You pick up your phone, you start using your phone and then something happens, and you don't see it,” Kelly said.