The CoStar Group in DC gives employees a desirable workplace

Does your office have Segway’s and bikes available for employees to use to catch a quick ride to lunch, or for an off-site meeting?

If so, you may work at The CoStar Group. The International Real Estate company’s headquarters in downtown D.C. is an employee’s paradise. There is a full gym, a spacious lounge area with free, healthy snacks, and a roof-top with a great view of the city.

“When I find myself on the roof…with the staff having lunch under the umbrellas on the roof deck, you’re like, this is one seriously nice place to hang out and be,” said CEO Andrew Florence.

The company moved into the building two years ago from Bethesda. They took their time gutting the building and making it a place where people would want to show up to work.

“It’s great working here. The environment is great, the energy is great,” said employee Kathy Watson.

“It’s very conducive to working with the team and making sure that there’s communication constantly,” said employee Kirstie Boatright.

There’s plenty of natural light—a green garden on the roof, and a parking garage full of spots for hybrid cars. The architecture firm in charge of the construction made sure the building would be LEED Platinum certified.

“It's a lot more fun when you're asked to push the limits of something, when we started looking at the plan and just spread out the stations almost as if they were dropped on the plan,” said architect Diana Horvat.