The Children's Science Center teaches science, technology

The kids at Oak Hill Elementary in Herndon love it. Dish soap, hydrogen peroxide and a couple other ingredients mix together for an explosive reaction.

In another experiment, a balloon, a plastic bottle and a couple simple ingredients gives students a carbon dioxide reaction.

And before you know it, they're learning about the chemical compound CO2.

The Children's Science Center travels to schools around Northern Virginia teaching science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Using experiments sparks a fascination with science.

Some of the experiments require a lot of hot air. Other experiments show students the different effects earthquakes have on houses built on sand, gravel or rock.

One day the world will depend on this generation to tackle global challenges.

"And if they don't have an understanding of science, they're going to find it very difficult to be competitive and solve our world's problems," says Nene Spivy, President of Board of Directors at the Children's Science Center.

And after just one night with the Children's Science Center, the kids already seem smarter.