The Cajun Experience welcomes gun owners with open arms

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A Leesburg restaurant is welcoming gun owners with open arms.

Wednesday's special at The Cajun Experience is gumbo with a side of gun. Carrying customers get 10 percent off their purchase on Open Carry Night.

"I like really respect a business that's not intimidated by what you have," Leesburg resident{ }Max W. said. "...come here with your weapon on you and eat some food"

Owner Brian Crosswhite says he didn't set out to make a political statement, but if he's seen as a poster child for businesses backing gun owners during the country's tense gun control talks, so be it.

"Why can't I promote my business as a gun-friendly place that people come in and are law-abiding citizens who chose to participate in the second amendment," Crosswhite said.

Customers attending Open Carry night say the embrace is a nice change from the exclusion they've felt following recent mass murders.

"It's going to happen considering everything that has happened in the past 10 years, especially with school shootings. I do think that people have the right to own guns for hunting or their personal protection," added Aja Wonderley of Leesburg.

The Wednesday night special started a month ago. Crosswhite says he's gotten some push back, with a few customers telling him they won't be eating at his establishment anymore. But he says the support far outweighs the resistance, and he doesn't know any safer place to be on a Wednesday night in Leesburg.