The Big Dirty Martini stirs up a controversy

A mega-martini has grabbed a lot of attention across the District. The giant drink called The Big Dirty is a monstrous 48 ounces.

Dirty Martini in Dupont Circle says it sells 15 of the super-size martinis on an average Friday night.

The drink uses more than half a bottle of Kettle One Vodka and the special ingredient, a dash of cayenne pepper, along with lemon, honey, and passion fruit.

At $80 and 48 ounces, the The Big Dirty packs the punch of six regular drinks.{ } originated as an accident, after a vendor sent the super-sized glass by mistake.

The Dirty Martini insists the drink is for a group, not just one person. But some call it a dangerous publicity stunt, one that could increase drunk driving.