The Arabica Tobacco Shop searched, 1,700 packets of Spice found

Falls Church City Police say they raided a Broad Street tobacco shop last week and seized 1,700 packets of a synthetic marijuana substance.

Police say that the city had been receiving complaints about the sale of illegal merchandise at The Arabica Tobacco Shop at 1110 W. Broad St. in Falls Church. They executed a search warrant on July 28, during which they seized thousands of packets of K2 Spice and other pieces of drug paraphernalia.

"Spice" is a psychoactive herbal and chemical product. Its effects closely resemble those of marijuana. It has been illegal to sell or possess the substance in Virginia since March 23.

The penalty could range from a Class 1 misdemeanor to a felony. No arrests were made during the execution of the warrant.

Earlier this year, over a dozen students at the Naval Academy in Annapolis were expelled from school over the use of Spice.