Thanksgiving turkey Presidential pardon vote on White House website

Are you on Team Caramel or Team Popcorn?

The President traditionally pardons a turkey on the day before Thanksgiving, rescuing it from the next day's meal. The bird comes to Washington along with an alternate, spending the night in a specially reserved room in the Willard Hotel the night before the event. This year, the White House is letting the public decide which Turkey will receive the official pardon and which will be denied its moment in the spotlight.

Livin' large: Turkeys to be pardoned by POTUS now at The Willard in DC.

— M. Scott Mahaskey (@smahaskey) November 26, 2013

On it's website, the White House lists details of the two birds, Caramel and Popcorn, including height, weight, gender along with the birds' favorite foods and songs. There are also recordings of the different gobbles for voters to decide which Turkey sounds more deserving.

If you're feeling guilty about picking which bird lives and which bird dies, you need not fret. While only one bird gets to take part in the official ceremony in front of TV cameras, both turkeys will be pardoned by the President.

Click here to check out the Turkeys' stat sheet, listen to their gobbles, then vote for your pick using social media.