Thanksgiving travel: More than 38 million expected to hit the roads

More than 38 million Americans will hit the roadways for this long Thanksgiving weekend. Some of them are already on the road.

Traffic in the Washington area is slowly starting to see the impact of out of town motorists traveling through for Thanksgiving.

Total Traffic Network's Steve Hershorn says Tuesday night and Wednesday morning's rush hour are usually the most difficult during this holiday week.

“You'll see extra traffic on the beltway the closer we get to Wednesday, especially headng onto the Outer Loop Beltway across the Legion Bridge from Maryland into Virginia especially that gets very, very heavy usually on Tuesday night and Wednesday night early,” he says.

Lower gas prices will greet motorists on the road this week, down 33 cents per gallon than it was a month ago. Still there are those who are experiencing sticker shock at the pump.

“They're higher here,” says South Carolina resident Patricia Sala. “In Spartanburg they're under three dollars a gallon and Virginia was cheaper than it is here so it's getting higher as we get to Philadelphia.”

For New Jersey resident Austin Blanda, with a Monday departure, she's hoping to avoid traffic.

“I'm hoping it’s not bad. I'm hoping it’s not bad,” she says. “It might be bad once I hit Jersey though because I know there's a lot of traffic going on the New Jersey Turnpike.”