Thanksgiving shoppers pick up convenient ready-to-serve meals

CHEVY CHASE, Md. (WJLA) - Busy D.C. mom Cheryl Bruner is at the Sangamore Safeway in Bethesda for one key last-minute pre-baked purchase.

"My mom usually makes the cherry pie, but she's diving in Indonesia," she says.

Despite Butterball’s warning that there might be a turkey shortage this Thanksgiving, there are plenty here in stock. Bruner’s daughter Gabriella says that’s one thing Mom is already preparing for her and her brother,

“I like the white and he likes the dark, so we get to split it evenly," she says.

But many shoppers purchase the store’s already cooked and ready-to-serve complete meals, including the customer whose oven suddenly didn’t work on Thanksgiving Day.

"She purchased two. We saved the day!" exclaims Safeway food clerk Crystal Somerville.

Here at the Chevy Chase Giant, there are plenty of turkeys and pies already made. Still, Erica Page needed ingredients to make her 11-year-old son J’Quan’s homemade favorites, including sweet potato pie.

Meanwhile, at the Friendship Heights Whole Foods market, many customers come for healthy, locally grown products.

“We have some Maple Lawn turkeys here exclusive to Maryland," says Fahd Eltobgi, Meat Team leader at Whole Foods Market.

But Whole Foods is also emphasizing convenience for busy Washington area shoppers – items like cranberries, pre-chopped stuffing ingredients, sweet potatoes, and green beans are stacked side-by-side.

Cashiers man every register and each holiday table so that customers can pick up their pre-made meals.