Thanksgiving shoppers hit grocery stores for last-minute items

Area grocery stores are prepared for the blitz of last-minute shoppers the night before Thanksgiving.

ABC7's Hatzel Vela reports from Georgetown that stores still seem to have enough turkeys and pies to go around.

Some shoppers were in and out quickly today because they only needed a few things that had to be bought the last day to still be fresh for dinner tomorrow. And they were trying to time their visits when the store wasn't too crowded yet.

"I'll be home resting or preparing when everybody else is in here in the rush," says Wanda Acker, who had a helper, her five-year-old grandson.

Greens were the only thing Crystal Winslow needed.

"We didn't get the greens because you don't want to get the greens too early because they get spoiled," Winslow says.

Winslow sacrificed lunch because she knows it won't get easier.

"I'm trying to avoid the mob, too, because I know a little later the stores will be packed and I don't want to be in all that."

Others were returning items, like Marie Mosby who had to bring back a country ham when she had meant to get a honeybaked ham.

And Mosby said she had to be sure to buy sugar because her only granddaughter, Sydney, 7, has a new doughnut-making machine.