Terry McAuliffe inauguration: Making the most of a soggy day

RICHMOND, Va. (WJLA) – Terry McAuliffe joined The Club on a rainy, foggy afternoon on the steps of Virginia’s State Capitol.

He became the latest member of the renowned club’s founder, one Patrick Henry, as the 72nd governor of the state, birthplace to eight U.S. presidents.

An unlikely newcomer to the club, inasmuch that this is his first go-round at elected office, McAuliffe delivered a swearing-in speech heavy on the so-called “Virginia Way,” which the new governor articulated as “consensus-driven progress,” and “diversifying Virginia’s economy.”

In other words, the same thing he said on the campaign trail against Republican Ken Cuccinelli.

But this inauguration nevertheless was, in two words, provocatively odd – and intriguing. To wit:

• Pea-soup fog and steady rain were the main order minutes before McAuliffe descended down the steps.

• Among those forced to huddle under an umbrella were former President Bill Clinton and his wife, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, both longtime friends of McAuliffe.

• Outgoing Gov. Bob McDonnell,{ }the Star Scientific scandal ever-lurking,{ }donned a poncho before later departing with his wife before McAuliffe’s remarks.

And then there was the thunder, seconds before McAuliffe was introduced. Turns out it was a precursor to a brief break in the clouds and a relatively dry platform for the man who called his win “humbling,” and the “highest honor of my life.”

Also on hand, besides McDonnell, were former Virginia governors Tim Kaine, Mark Warner, Jim Gilmore, George Allen, Doug Wilder, Gerald Baliles, Chuck Robb and Linwood Holton.