Terry McAuliffe inaugural balls to be held in Abingdon, Norfolk, Richmond

(WJLA) - A trio of inaugural balls will fete Terry McAuliffe next month as he takes office as Virginia's next governor.

Inauguration events will be held in Abington and Norfolk the week before the Commonwealth's governor elect is sworn into office, while the third will take place during the first night on the job.

The first inaugural ball will take place in Abington on Jan. 4, an event that will run in conjunction with his Commonwealth Day of Service. The next night, another ball will be held in Norfolk.

McAuliffe will be sworn into office on the morning of Jan. 11, after which a third ball will be held at the Verizon Wireless Arena in Richmond.

His wife and soon-to-be First Lady of Virginia, Dorothy, will also hold a luncheon on Jan. 12 in Richmond.