Terry Davis, 3 others killed in U.S. 50 crash

Four people were killed early Saturday when a car driving the wrong way on U.S. Route 50 near Davidsonville Road collided head-on with another car in Anne Arundel County, officials said.

Monday night, police released the 911 tapes from the incident. For a five minute period early Saturday morning, a dozen people called 911 reporting that a car was traveling the wrong direction down two primary corridors.

Several drivers, first on I-97 and then Route 50 called.

Terry Davis, 55, was driving home from a dinner party in Old Town Alexandria around 3:30 a.m. when a car traveling west in an eastbound lane on Route 50 hit Davis and ended his life.

Davis, a warehouse worker, was just 15 miles away from his house in Severna Park, a home he shared with his partner of 31 years Eduardo Lara.

Lara was too distraught to speak on camera, but his mother stood in his place.

"It's a nightmare, we cannot believe it, we are in shock," said Sara Landa.

In the car that hit Davis were three recent high school graduates coming home from a party. State police said Brittany Walker, 19, was driving. Zachary Rose, 18, and Breanna Franco, 18, were passengers. All three were pronounced dead on the scene.

"The families are going through the same thing we are going through," Landa said.

At Davis' home, there was sheer disbelief.

"We don't have any anger," Landa said. "Just why why why did this have to happen to him."

Franco also lived in Severna Park. Her family was at the funeral home making arrangements. There was no answer at Walker's home. The family of Rose shared their thoughts and prayers with the family of Davis and the other victims.