Teressa French remembered by teammates

Photo: Kalle Swinford

GAITHERSBURG, Md. (WJLA) - One week after a deadly crash, a teenager’s classmates and community are remembering her life.

Teressa French, 16, was fatally struck by a car as she walked down the sidewalk along Muncaster Mill Road. French played basketball for the Covenant Life School.

“It’s going to be hard,” says Susan Nelson, a parent.

Nelson helped hand out all 375 t-shirts honoring the life of French, a sophomore.

Crash witnesses say the car that hit French last week was street racing down Muncaster Mill Road.

Whether on the soccer field or basketball court, French made an impact during her two years at the tight-knit private Christian school.

“She was just always happy, always focused on others, never herself,” says Summer Newquist. “She was a good listener, good friend, hard worker, just a great person to know.”

Covenant Life donned teal tees in its first game since French’s death. Teal was her favorite color.

And in a true sign of sportsmanship, their opponents, Mt. Airy Christian Academy, also wore teal.

“This is a night that’s bigger than a game of basketball. It’s been very humbling to see these girls grow and make their decisions on their own.”