Temple Hills condo residents without water for days

A group of Temple Hills residents is fed up because they’ve been without water for days. The water woes are allegedly because the landlord hasn’t paid the water bill.

“You can’t really do anything,” says Tara Wilson. “You can’t cook, bathe, clean, nothing. Can’t even feed your dog, give him water or anything. It’s really ridiculous.”

“[You] can’t use the bathroom. You see my hair looking like who did it? Can’t use the restroom, you can’t do nothing,” says Kimberly Weston.

Residents were getting free bottled water from the office Thursday, but employees refused to answer questions.

“I don’t have that information. The property manager [is] not here right now.”

Residents say this is just the latest in ongoing issues that include mice, broken elevators and lax maintenance.

“I’m ready to move. I am. I’m ready to move.”

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