Tekau Rasayon, Surrattsville High student, collapses and dies

Tekau Rasayon collapsed while jogging during a PE class. (Photo: Flickr/Michael Lokner)

The color pink was all over the campus of Surrattsville High School on Thursday, a tribute to a 17-year old senior who collapsed and died during gym class on Wednesday afternoon.

Students at the Clinton school were donning the color while mourning and remembering 17-year-old Tekau Rayason.

"She was a beautiful person," Tristona Frey, Tekau's friend, said. "She was just so kind."

Prince George's County Public Schools officials say students wore pink in Tekau's honor Thursday. Classmates are also planning on releasing pink balloons at the school's track during the afternoon.

This comes after the 17-year-old was jogging on the school's track when she collapsed. Tekau was treated on campus by the school nurse until an ambulance transported her to Southern Maryland Hospital.

She was pronounced dead at the hospital. There is no word on what may have caused Tekau to collapse, but her father, Niyana, says his daughter told a friend during the physical education class that she was having chest pains just minutes before she collapsed in front of friends and classmates.

Frey, who is amongst the majority of students still in shock a day after Tekau's death, says she was in the lunch room with her only hours before she suddenly collapsed.

"Yesterday, we were just laughing about how healthy diet was so much better than ours," Frey said.

Family members say there were no signs or history of heart problems for Tekau, a vegetarian who loved to exercise. She appeared to be extremely fit and especially loved to dance, something she did with her father the night before she passed away.

"Tekau isn't coming home tonight," said Niyana Rasayon, Takau's father, on Wednesday. "We were dancing last night for some cotillion ball that her mother and she has going in Virginia and we were waltzing and I was teasing her and she was teasing me."

Officials say counselors will be available at the Clinton campus throughout the rest of the week for grieving students and staff.

"She looked so happy," Surrattsville student Zaria McCain said. "She shouldn't be going now."