Teens in Anne Arundel car crash may have been under the influence

(WJLA) - You can see the skid marks along this stretch of Central Avenue near Loch Haven Road. That’s where police say the 18-year-old driver lost control of the car, just before 1 a.m. on Tuesday morning,

The vehicle skidded and rotated 180-degrees before landing in this ditch upside-down. Across the street, this young woman heard the commotion, and dialed 911.

"All I could hear was these kids yelling, 'Bobby, Bobby, get out of the car," said witness Samantha Callahan.

Anne Arundel County Police say there were six teens in the car ages 14 to 18. All of them were injured, and investigators say the preliminary evidence suggests that all six were possibly under the influence of alcohol.

If that is indeed the case, parents we spoke with say it’s heartbreaking that the message of “Don’t Drink and Drive” doesn’t seem to be getting through.

"I'm afraid to drive down the back roads at night after a certain's very scary," said Edgewater resident Patti Marchitto.

"Peer pressure and other things will make them do those things that can bring's unfortunate," added Debbie Sampson.

They hope that the teens realize this could have been much worse.