Teens charged with making homemade bombs in Annandale

Five teenagers in Fairfax County are facing felony charges for allegedly making homemade bombs.

The bombs were discovered last month at The Condominiums at Woodburn in Annandale. This weekend, investigators say they had enough evidence to track down those responsible.

Fairfax County fire officials say on July 25 they found several detonated plastic bottles with an explosive substance inside them.

No one was injured by the homemade bombs.

The five teens range in age from 13 to 17-years-old, fire officials say, and are charged with using improvised bombs.

Ingler Vicente, a resident of the condo, said, "It's scary, especially because I have two toddlers. I don't want anything like that happening in my neighborhood and for it to be teenagers, it's kind of a foolish thing for them to do."

Fairfax County Fire & Rescue Department spokesman Dan Schmidt explained, "Oftentimes, they think it's a prank, but again these things can turn out to be serious injury-wise and also for property damage, as well."

In addition to no injuries being reported, no property damage was discovered in this case.

Investigators don't know what motivated the group, but they hope the teens' actions and impending punishment will set an example.

"Those boys will go to court, and it will take its course through the court system," Schmidt added.

But residents are torn over whether that's too strict of a punishment.

Mladen Novak, another residents of condo complex, said, "Kids are kids, ya know. What can I tell you."

"It's summertime, and sometimes boredom leads to some mischievousness, so it could be just that....," added condo resident Shane Patterson.

If convicted, the teens face up to 10 years behind bars.

Investigators say bottle bombs are not rare. While they don't have an exact statistic, they say they happen from time to time. Police urge parents to remind their children of the consequences of such actions.