Teen struck by alleged hit-and-run driver; dad chases down car

Camila Sarmiento

A teenager walking with her family Sunday afternoon was hit by a car and seriously injured. The driver allegedly drove off but the teen's father chased the car down.

The teen, 15-year-old Camila Sarmiento, is currently in the hospital with a broken arm and may need surgery. She also has a cut on her forehead and some bumps and bruises.

Camila’s family tells ABC7 that they were walking down 14th Street toward Spring Road NW to find some lunch at about 2:30 p.m. Dario Sarmiento, Sr., the father, heard his wife scream and turned around in time to see a vehicle barreling down the sidewalk.

He pushed his wife and son out of the way but couldn’t reach his daughter Camila in time. She was struck by the vehicle.

Dario Sarmiento’s wife ran to his daughter. He observed that the vehicle wasn’t stopping. He ran after the vehicle, grabbed the steering wheel from the driver and made the car crash in order to get it to stop. He then called police.

According to a police report, the driver told police he tried to stop but his brakes failed. MPD says they are still investigating.