Teen, 14, arrested for pointing laser at Md. State Police helicopter

A 14-year-old was arrested for shining a laser into a helicopter. The helicopter's crew responded by shining thier own light onto the teen, which led to an arrest.

A Baltimore County teen was arrested for shining laser at a Maryland State Police helicopter Tuesday.

The 14-year-old, of Middle River, is charged with reckless endangerment, attempted second degree assault on police, obstruction and hindering of police, and prohibited use of a laser pointer, according to a Maryland State Police news release

About 11 p.m., a Maryland State Police 365N Dauphin III helicopter based at Martin State Airport, was assisting Baltimore County Police with an aerial search for a suicidal person, the release said.

A pilot and trooper/flight paramedic were flying near Eastern Blvd. and Kingston Road when a flash illuminated the cockpit of the aircraft.

The pilot initiated precautionary maneuvers when a second bright green laser lit the cockpit again. The laser beam was located directly off the nose of the aircraft exactly one-half mile from the aircraft’s search position.

The crew was able to pinpoint the house where the laser was coming from and shined the house with their own light--a three million candlepower Nite-Sun search light.

The pilot positioned the helicopter to hover in front of the house while the trooper contacted Baltimore County Police and directed patrol units to the house.

Within six minutes, police arrived at the house, identified the teen, and recovered a green laser. The trooper then returned to his previous mission searching for the suicidal story.

A direct laser strike in an aircraft cockpit can cause temporary blindness and disorientation. The Maryland State Police Aviation Command has experienced a half dozen laser incidents in 2011 with two leading to prosecution.

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