Ted Levitt works to raise money for local Army vet

The Pledge under old glory is how Ted Levitt, the owner of Chick & Ruth's Deli in Annapolis has started each morning for the past 23 years. A long standing tradition he shares with his staff and customers.

And a long standing tradition that inspired an idea that is now changing Sgt. Luis Rosa's life forever—another day closer to the restaurant's goal of raising $75,000 for the wounded veteran and father of two young girls.

For a fourth straight year Uncle Teddy, as he's known in these parts, is holding a fundraiser in honor of a local hero. Raising money any way he can—from an actual money jar and flyers inside his well know establishment to a three day event at the end of the month that includes a family picnic and classic car show.

The army veteran lost both legs, his left arm and most of his sight and hearing during an IED explosion in Iraq two years ago—but his courage was left unharmed.

“The bomb was so big—crushed every bone in my face,” said Sgt. Luis Rosa.

Most of the money raised is going toward reconfiguring the Pasadena home where this single father and his precious seven year old Meli and three year old Bella currently live.

Local electricians, plumbers and contractors found out about the faces of valor fundraisers and are volunteering to make this unfinished basement more handicapped accessible—wide bathrooms, new ramps and even an elevator.

The triple amputee's bravery and the patriotism inside Annapolis' favorite greasy spoon now share a common tread and resound from miles away.

“One of the things you learn in the Army is adapt and overcome," Rosa said.