Team 26 bikes to D.C., pushes gun control measures

United in the wake of tragedy, dozens of cyclists took a 400-mile trip from Newtown, Conn. to Washington, D.C. to raise awareness for{ } tougher gun control legislation.

They admit, at times, there were challenges on the road, but they were guided by 26 angels along the way.

Greeted by raindrops, Team 26 had a reason to finish strong.

Team 26 cyclist Andrea Myers said, "I have a bracelet with the names of all of the children and adults who were killed. This is why we're riding. When our legs are tired, we think of them and think of their families."

Many in the group have ties to Sandy Hook Elementary School, where a gunman killed 26 children and adults on Dec. 14.

Bill Muzzio, also a Team 26 member, said, "Ali and Sophie both went to Sandy Hook Elementary School - kindergarten through 4th grade."

Their ride to D.C. began Saturday. They traveled through New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Maryland with few breaks in between.

"Everybody in the community is screaming for a change so that this never happens to any other community in the U.S. or the world," Muzzio said. "We've had five to six hour ride time, and they've been eight hour days."

But support followed them throughout their journey. Omar Samaha, who lost his sister during the Virginia Tech shooting, joined the cause.

"It was a once in a lifetime opportunity for a historic event and a call for gun violence prevention measures," Samaha said.

As they arrived at the heart of the nation's capital, the skies cleared and the rain stopped while the crowd listened.

Organizer Monte Frank said, "Small towns and large cities are united in demanding an end to gun violence."

The group delivered their message to Connecticut's congressional delegation, hoping lawmakers will take note and act.

On the West Lawn of the Capitol, the group urged Congress to pass a bill banning assault weapons with high-capacity magazines, impose stricter background checks for gun purchases and strengthen gun restrictions for those with mental illness.